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WIREPARK is a post-industrial lo-fi movie made in 2022. Ideally it is projected on buildings or lounge walls.

video, art & music by Richard X Bennett

filmed by Paula Jeanine Bennett & rXb in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Julian Edmond - drums


Scenes of deserted Brooklyn industrial spaces are superimposed over disembodied hands playing original piano music. The videos (taken on cheap smartphones) are drastically altered via extreme close-up and slowing of the footage. The landscape is devoid of people, influenced by Bennett’s wanderings through Red Hook in April 2020 when most of his neighbors were avoiding the streets. WIREPARK is a meditation on solitude and forgotten objects. It contrasts the beauty of simple piano songs with the industrial grit of waterfront Brooklyn. With repeated viewings, one perceives more grit in the music and more beauty in the image.

Visually WIREPARK is influenced by Japanese Shoji, and musically by Japanese lofi, gagaku, and Indian raga.


For an interview about WIREPARK, click HERE

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