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Here is fresh music from RXB3, the modern piano trio.

It combines earworm melodies, uniquely polyrhythmic piano parts

and the fantastic groove and creativity of Adam Armstrong and

Julian Edmond to create a vibrant and soul-satisfying sound.

richard x bennett - compositions, piano, melodica & videos

julian edmond - drums

adam armstrong - bass

("One Voice" composed by RXB & Paula Jeanine Bennett)
2021 on Ubuntu Music

Critics say about RXB3:

"fresh and inviting...Bennett pursues his own path to take us somewhere unexpected" **** DownBeat Magazine

"a lively and engaging journey laced with tuneful grooves, raga influences and funky patterns" London Jazz News

"the love child of Ramsey Lewis and Norah Jones with a head stuffed full of mescaline"  All About Jazz

"refreshing, interesting and thought provoking"  Simply Jazz Talk

"almost ridiculously enjoyable"  Elsewhere (New Zealand)

"the danceable quirkiness of his compositions rarely obscures their depth or poise"  Mojo Magazine

"La synergie du trio génère une séduction simple, directe et très communicative"  France Musique - jazz bonus

For Videos Click HERE

For The complete album click HERE

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