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Pianist/Composer Richard X Bennett plays modernistic and soulful music with a wide ranging sound all his own. He has six jazz and electronica releases on Ubuntu Music and Ropeadope Records as well as six critically acclaimed raga-based records on Indian labels. His newest quartet album with sax dynamo Matt Parker, Parker Plays X arrived in May 2023.  Beyond the sonic, lies the visual, an indispensable element of his creative process. RXB's art videos accompany most of his compositions, evoking a myriad of emotions through their abstract, whimsical, and esoteric nature. In 2022 he delved even further, expanding his artistic horizons with WIREPARK, a twenty-seven-minute post-industrial lo-fi film. In the convergence of these seemingly disparate elements, a new art form emerges, born of a restless spirit that refuses to be confined by tradition or convention.

In New York, his groups have performed at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Guggenheim Museum, The Rubin Museum and Central Park Summerstage. Internationally, he has played in over twenty countries including a two month tour of China and India in 2019.


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                                                For more about his raga-based music; click HERE

Bennett has a distinct interest in the modern, as evinced in his collaborations with electronic musicians. He has two albums, Wood/Water and InParallel with the British downtempo electronic musician HUW both released on Ropeadope. His pairing with the Australian avant-garde modular synthesist and drummer Angus Tarnawsky is documented on EF ES VII/2.

RXB also has a long-standing duo with singer/percussionist Paula Jeanine Bennett. Together they have composed numerous songs and performed in Indonesia, Morocco, India as well as the U.S.A. The best of their creations can be heard HERE.

In addition to writing music for his own bands Bennett has written music for modern dance.

In 2019 RXB composed the music for Dance For P.D. Videos 4 and 5. He is the lead musician for the Dance for P.D. Program, based in NYC.

He composed "Fragments" for the Ailey 2 Dance Company which was performed at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. He has also composed for choreographers Elisa Monte, Duane Cyrus and Macy Sullivan.

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